Whistle Blowing Policy

Employees will usually be the first to know when someone inside or connected with an organisation is doing something illegal, dishonest or improper, but may feel apprehensive about voicing their concerns. Advanced Safety Plus Ltd does not feel it is anyone’s interests for employees with knowledge of wrongdoing to remain silent.

This Policy document sets out the procedure by which you can report your concerns and be sure they are acted upon. This Whistleblowing Policy statement is intended to act as a deterrent to fraud or other corruption or serious malpractice.

Policy Statement

Advanced Safety Plus Ltd takes all malpractice very seriously, whether it is committed by an employee, supplier, customer or competitor.

This policy statement applies to all employees, agents and contractors. For the avoidance of doubt, statutory rights will not be affected.

Definitions of malpractice can be found within the company Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.

If you become aware of any of the activities covered by the Malpractice and Maladministration Policy, you are encouraged to follow the procedures set out below. Advanced Safety Plus Ltd would prefer you to voice your concerns over malpractice, rather than keep them to yourself.


You may make a report either verbally or in writing, normally to your line manager. However you may also voice your concerns to the Company Secretary, who will act as an independent source of advice and assistance within the company.

Advanced Safety Plus Ltd does not expect you to have absolute proof of any malpractice that you report. However you will need to be able to explain the reasons for your concern. Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will not tolerate spurious, inconsequential or vindictive allegations.

Once you have made a report, Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will acknowledge receipt of it within 2 working days.

Preliminary enquiries will be made by an independent senior manager as confidentially as possible.

If it is determined that a full investigation is necessary, this will proceed with further internal investigations or by referral to the appropriate external body dependant on the nature and seriousness of the report.

Identity protection

If you make a report, Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will do everything possible to keep your identity confidential. However, there may be circumstances where you may be needed as a witness (for example if your report contains information relating to illegal activities). Should findings need to be communicated with an outside source, we will discuss this with you prior to releasing information.

On completion of the investigation, Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will communicate the findings to

  • You as the person raising the report
  • The individual(s) under investigation
  • If appropriate, external authorities who may need to consider further action based on the findings of the investigation.

If you raise a malpractice concern, you can be assured it will be taken seriously and you will be treated fairly and with discretion. If you make a report in good faith then, even if it is not confirmed by an investigation, your concern will be valued and appreciated and you will not be liable to disciplinary action. However, if you make a false report maliciously or for personal gain, then you may face disciplinary action.

If you are unhappy about the outcome of an investigation you should submit another report explaining why this is the case to the Company Secretary. Your concern will be investigated again if there are sufficient grounds to do so.

This policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of our continual quality assurance procedures, and revised in accordance with changes of legislation, actions from any allegations and in response to customer and Learner feedback.