PCSS Training Overview

Midlands (UK) construction site, 2019

Practical Construction Site Safety Training
This type of photo is not uncommon, despite people receiving what should be adequate H&S training.

We have therefore developed a suite of training courses that concentrate on teaching safe working practices on a practical basis

They are aimed at all levels, trades and professions.
From site operative through site/contracts manager to company CEO

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We understand completely that time is the scarcest of resources, hence these courses are short duration – from half an hour to three hours

Conducted either at our offices in Cottam, North Notts, DN22 0EU or at your own premises / site

Leadership is emphasised in all our courses. Leadership is the key to behavioural safety – we train people to take responsibility for their actions and the protection of others, giving them the motivation to willingly adopt safe behaviours, even if they are only (only?) leading themselves.

The lowest standards that you display will be the highest others around you will adopt.
Particularly if you are in a supervisory / management role with others reporting to you.

Don’t worry about the ground-worker in the trench.
One of our Consultants took that photograph while performing a site audit on behalf of a Client. Within 10 seconds of arriving at the scene, our consultant had the operative out of the trench and had safe works operations established immediately afterwards.

In our experience, current H&S training is based on knowledge of regulations and often delivered by academically oriented people. Therefore the crucial aspect of providing practical guidance on working safely can be diluted in favour of teaching unnecessary levels of knowledge of the Law.

Many people give up trying to absorb such facts, “get through” the test, obtain a certificate/card, “tick the H&S box”- then carry on as usual, learning little on how to apply H&S on a practical basis.

Our PCSST courses, while containing minimum (but adequate) law elements, are designed to give people the motivation to work safely, with Lawful compliance automatically built in.

we believe that H&S is best taught face-to-face so that each delegate has the opportunity to discuss their own personal needs with our highly experienced Tutors, with the objective of being able to apply H&S on a practical basis in their own workplace, rather than a theoretical one.

Our PCSST courses are stand-alone modules but can be “mixed & matched” depending on needs, to create specific training schedules, from half a day upwards, on a time table to suit you.

Hazard Management
Abrasive Wheels
Use of Power Tools / PUWER
Working at Height & Platform Selection
Scaffolding Inspection
Vehicle & Pedestrian Site Management
Confrontation Management
Manual Handling
Drugs & Alcohol
First Aid at Work Appreciation
Site Fire Management
Asbestos Awareness
Respiratory Disorders Awareness & how to avoid them
Occupied Premises & Contact Management Systems
Excavations & other Confined Spaces on Site
Lone Working
LOLER – awareness for site operatives
PPE – awareness, selection and treatment
Ladder Safety

Please contact us to discuss your PCSS training needs