Principal Designer & CDM Services

CDM2015 regulations require that projects are run on a Duty Holder based frame work.

Clients are a named Duty Holder and have ultimate responsibility for the management of their projects, including the appointment of the other required Duty Holders.

Where two or more contractors are deployed on a project, the Client must appoint a Principal Designer, who is responsible for project design risk management.


As a Principal Designer, we ensure that the Client is fully aware of their duties and assist the Client to discharge these duties for the life of the project. These duties include;

  • Advising the Client and other Duty Holders of their CDM2015 obligations
  • Raising the F10
  • Ensuring the competence of all Duty Holders
  • Facilitating clear communication between the Client, Designers and Contractors
  • Raising all mandatory health and safety documentation where necessary
  • Assisting the design team to identify and manage foreseeable risks
  • Compiling design team hazard and residual risk registers
  • Issuing Pre Construction Information to the contractor
  • Compiling and vetting the Health and Safety File during the project

In addition to these mandatory duties we also provide the following services;

  • Check the Construction Phase Plan submitted by the Principal Contractor on behalf of the Client, prior to works commencement
  • Undertake site audits
  • Perform accident / incident investigations
  • Undertake Fire Risk Assessments of the construction site
  • Provide the Client with a performance evaluation to ensure that the Principal Contractor is complying with their duties

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