Employer’s Legal Duties at Work

All UK Employers, irrespective of size and including the self-employed, are governed by the Health & Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

First aid at work assessments

Under these regulations, Employers must undertake a first aid at work needs assessment to determine what is required to provide suitable and sufficient first aid facilities within their specific working environment.The results of this assessment should determine what equipment and facilities the Employer should provide, together with the number of First Aiders and their competency and qualification levels.

Duty to provide adequate first aid

Employers are required to meet a duty to ensure that anyone suffering injury or becoming ill at work has the necessary first aid response and support to enable them to receive adequate care.

Inadequate first aid provision within the workplace may result in more harm befalling the injured person, up to and including death. In this event, the Employer and the responsible person(s) within the company could face legal action under health and safety regulations.

It would also be considered inadequate provision to use Emergency First Aid at Work qualified persons when the needs assessment has determined that First Aid at Work fully qualified persons are required.

The First Aid Needs Assessment

Must be undertaken regularly to ensure that first aid provision is adequate and suitable at all times.

While undertaking this needs assessment, the Employer should take a number of factors into account, which would include;

  • All works activities being undertaken – normal and usual.
  • The works environment in which the works activities are being undertaken
  • Occupied and / or shared working environments
  • All foreseeable hazards and their associated risks, for all works activities
  • The number of persons requiring first aid provision
  • The geographic deployment of the workforce
  • The nature of the workforce – age, health, physical attributes, cultural requirements etc.
  • Accidents and illness history – type and frequency
  • Lone working
  • Remote working
  • Mobile persons
  • Access to emergency medical services – distance, time and hindrances
  • First Aider annual leave / absences
  • First aid provision visiting persons / interacting members of the Public.

This list is not exhaustive and should be considered as advisory only.

First Aid Work Needs Assessment Services

Please contact us to arrange for a First Aid at Work Needs Assessment, carried out to the latest HSE guidelines. We will then undertake this assessment on your behalf and submit a written report which will identify your first aid at work requirements and also assist you to demonstrate that you are compliant with the Health & Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

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