IQA Policy

Internal Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures

Course IQA

Upon completion of each course and for each attending Student/Learner, a Desk Based Review Form will be completed. All information contained therein will be discussed with the Trainer and Administrator involved with the course.

Any feedback will be taken into account and changes made as necessary.

Where changes are made, relevant Policy documents will be updated.Course Content
Will be reviewed :

  • When changes / updates are issued by the Awarding Organisation
  • As a result of Learner Feedback
  • As a result of Desk Based Review feedback
  • As a minimum, every 6 months.

Record retention

The following records will be retained in both paper copy and scanned and stored electronically for each course:

  • Booking form
  • Course attendance register
  • Induction records
  • Assessment papers
  • Learner Feedback forms
  • Special consideration requests
  • Reasonable adjustment requests
  • Complaint documentation
  • Appeal documentation
  • Any other paperwork generated by a course

Records will be maintained within the parameters of our Privacy Policy.

Learner Feedback

At the end of each course, learners will be asked to complete a learner feedback form. This form can be completed anonymously if the Learner requires.

Feedback forms will be used within the Desk Based Review process, and any information contained therein will be discussed with the Trainer and any changes made as necessary. Where changes involve a change in Policy, the relevant Policy documentation will be updated.

Poor feedback will be investigated in detail, including if appropriate, the auditor interviewing the complainant.

Learners will be advised of the Complaints and Appeals procedures at the beginning of their course, and if appropriate, poor feedback may be treated as a formal complaint.