Under CDM2015 regulations, Clients are required to manage and control their projects with minimum risk to all those involved.

This can be a daunting task as Clients must not only comply fully with CDM and other governing health and safety regulations themselves, but must also ensure that all CDM2015 duty holders are compliant with applicable legislation as well.

Being the primary force behind your business creates many demands on your time, energy and creativity. However, your time must be focused on the delivery of your products and services while concentrating on satisfying your own customer needs and their demands.

Adding health and safety expertise into your own management structure can not only be time-consuming and costly, it can be very diverting from your company’s objective of delivering its core products and services. We understand.

As specialists in CDM2015 and other health and safety regulations, we act in partnership with you, guiding you through what may be viewed as highly complicated processes, liaising with your management and project team members to ensure your business and projects are compliant at all times.

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