Safeguarding Policy

At Advanced Safety Plus Ltd, we believe that all learners have the right to develop to their full potential.  We take our role in promoting the health, safety and well-being of our learners seriously.

We are committed to safeguarding all young people, adult learners and staff against abuse, bullying, harassment and harm, beyond the levels required by legislation. We fully comply with any specific legislation relating to the protection of vulnerable people.

It is important to us that anyone who has contact in any way with learners understand and comply with this policy.

In order to fulfil our safeguarding and well-being responsibilities we will:

Ensure that our recruitment process includes selection and vetting procedures which include checks into eligibility and suitability of staff.

The protection of individuals and groups radicalization from terrorist or extremist groups.

Risk assess for safety and suitability all employers and work placement providers.

Work in partnership with learners and other agencies in promoting a safe learning environment.

We will promote safeguarding of all learners by:

Respecting all learners, and showing this by listening to them and valuing them

Sharing concerns (within the parameters of GDPR) designated agencies, and

involving leaner and their parents/carers as appropriate.Promoting the values of democracy and equality, individual liberty, mutual respect and
tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths. Recruiting staff in such a way as to ensure compliance with our safeguarding

Company policies are available on our Website and will be made available to relevant persons on request.

Our safeguarding policy and practice will be reviewed as appropriate, and annually as a minimum.