Learner Equality & Diversity Policy

Advanced Safety Plus Ltd is committed to giving all Learners, Students and Candidates who wants to gain a qualification or undergo industry recognised training an equal opportunity of achieving their goal.

In order to achieve this, Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will :

  • Support candidates in line with current UK legislation and EU directives, and through its support do not intentionally or unintentionally disadvantage;
  • Support equality of opportunity and diversity regardless of their culture, sex, ability, disability, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, marital, employment or social status;
  • Actively discourage discrimination, bullying and harassment for all;
  • Actively promote inclusion for under represented groups.

Order to  fulfil our obligations to Awarding Bodies, we will

  • Consider any access arrangements that may be required before a candidate/delegate is enrolled for any training.
  • Ensure Candidates are aware that in order to gain a successful outcome, they must achieve all of the requirements as listed in the relevant training standard or course requirements.
  • No amendments to the learning outcomes or performance requirements may be made. However, candidates may meet the requirements of the training in a different way if listed as an option in the standards/course requirements.
  • In order to avoid a candidate being disadvantaged, we will, where practical, identify if a candidate/delegate is capable of achieving the learning outcomes of the training programme at the induction/initial assessment stage of the process.
  • If we have evidence of a need for an access arrangement or particular assessment requirement, then it will be put in place before the candidate begins training/assessment.
  • Where health and safety forms part of the training standard, the candidate will need to demonstrate that they can meet the learning outcomes of the standard.
  • A fully documented risk assessment will be carried out for is considered necessary to ensure candidate safety. The assessment must reference the circumstances and be carried out by a competent and qualified person. It will take into account any access arrangements which might reduce or remove the risk.
  • Access arrangements should assist candidates/delegates in demonstrating what they have learned, so that they can meet the training standard and/or course requirements in full.
  • Where an access arrangement has been put in place, Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will maintain for quality audit purposes.

Use of language other than English.

There is an implicit assumption that someone holding a certificate in England will have a competence in English at the level required to operate safely within the role. Courses at Advanced Safety Plus Ltd will be delivered in English only.

Hearing impairments/production of written work

Candidates with hearing impairment will have their work assessed in line with the relevant Equality and Diversity Policy of the relevant Awarding Body.

Unless the quality of English is stipulated in the training standards or course requirements, a candidate will not be penalised for their quality of English if he/she can demonstrate that they meet the learning outcomes of the standard/course requirement.

Temporary illness, injury or indisposition

Candidates suffering with temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of training delivery will be given the opportunity to reschedule to a time convenient to both Advanced Safety Plus Ltd and the candidate.