Fire Certificate

The National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate is split into 3 modules:

  • NG1 – Health and Safety Law and Management Systems
  • FC2 – Management of Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • FC3 – A practical assessment of your workplace safety management 

Course Tuition and Private Study Hours

  • Unit NG1: 36 hours tuition and 23 hours private study Total: 59 hours
  • Unit FC2: 29 hours tuition and 24 hours private study Total: 68 hours
  • Unit FC3: 4 hours tuition and 4 hours private study Total: 8 hours

A programme of study therefore needs to be based around a minimum of 69 taught hours and approximately 51 hours of private study for an overall total of 120 Hours.

Please click on the below for related resources and documentation
National Fire Certificate Syllabus Guide
Guidance on Command Words (common to all NEBOSH certificates)

Practical Exam Documents
Preparing Learners for the National Fire Certificate Practical Assessment Guide
C2 Guidance and information
FC2 Declaration
FC2 Candidates fire risk assessment notes
FC2 Fire risk assessment sheet (Form 1)
FC2 Fire risk assessment sheet (Form 2)
FC2 Summary fire risk assessment sheet (Form 3)

Examiners Reports (Past Papers)
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