Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s work or ideas without acknowledgement.

Plagiarism is academic misconduct.

Plagiarism includes (but is not limited to) the following activities:

  • Directly copying work from another source, such as a book or the internet
  • Paraphrasing words or text from another source very closely
  • Copying comments or notes from a tutor
  • Paying for work from another source and submitting it as your own
  • Copying from the work of a fellow delegate

Plagiarism does not include copying from another delegate in an examination / formal assessment situation – this is malpractice of a different nature and will be dealt with as such.

Learners must sign all submitted work confirming that they are the author of the work. Assignments will not be accepted unless authenticated as original by the learner.

If plagiarism, in any form, is suspected by Advanced Safety Plus Ltd trainers, assessors or internal quality assurers, the delegate concerned will be suspended from learning until the situation is clarified. Further assignments will not be accepted until a decision in made on the questioned work.

Any confirmed incidents of plagiarism will be dealt with under the Advanced Safety Plus Ltd Malpractice and Maladministration Policy