Appeals Policy

This policy includes the process for making an appeal to Advanced Safety Plus Ltd and describes our procedures for dealing with it.

Appeals will be made to Advanced Safety Plus Ltd by email in the first instance. Appeals will only be referred to the relevant awarding body if Advanced safety Plus Ltd has failed to resolve the situation.

Learners have the right to appeal against assessment decisions if they think

  • The Trainer made the wrong assessment decision
  • There has been a clerical error in recording a result

Only people who have appropriate competence and no personal interest in the decision being appealed will make appeal decisions.

If a Learner is not satisfied with the outcome of the Advanced Safety Plus Ltd Appeals process, they may appeal directly to the Awarding Body.

Appeals Procedure.

Learners should complete an appeal by email within 20 working days of the completion of their course. We will then

  • Log the appeal and allocate a reference number.
  • Acknowledge the appeal in writing with 5 working days
  • Complete an investigation with 20 working days of receiving the appeal, unless further information is required
  • If further time is required, the appellant will be advised in writing, including the reasons for the extension and the anticipated length of the delay
  • Advise the appellant whether the appeal is
    • Upheld – detailing the actions to be taken and by whom
    • Not upheld – detailing the reasons for this and the right to request an appeal review by the Awarding Body

Appeals Review

If the appellant is unhappy with the outcome, they may take their appeal to the relevant governing body, within 20 working days of the decision from Advanced Safety Plus Ltd.

Details of the Governing Body’s own appeal process is available on request.

In making a review request, the Learner will normally be required to include

  • Details of the original appeal
  • A statement about why they think the appeal process was flawed or the decision incorrect
  • Supporting evidence.

Please note, some Awarding Bodies may make a charge for an appeal review. This is outside the control of Advanced Safety Plus Ltd.

This policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of our continual quality assurance procedures, and revised in accordance with changes of legislation, actions from any allegations and in response to customer and Learner feedback.